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Welcome to my part of the world, where modern meets tradition. This oriental city filled with skyscrapers and mystical temples is the place where some of the highest quality artwork is being created.

I am a tattoo artist from Poland who fell in love in this part of the world and with this city in particular. I am 29 years old and started tattooing 6 years ago back in my home country. I ran a small private tattoo shop for 2 years there, before setting out to travel and tattoo all around the world. My travels took me to many countries in Europe, South-East Asia and Australia, where I have gained more experience in my trade. I have now been in Thailand for more than two years.

Living in Bangkok comes with many challenges, one of which is the language barrier (working on mastering Thai language at the moment – a very daunting task, but still hanging in there), but as well many advantages. The culture, cuisine, the feel of the city and ways of Thai people are among them. Especially the cuisine. Bangkok is the world’s capital of street food and Thai food is by far the most flavorful food I have ever tried.

I specialize in realistic (both black and gray as well as color), portraits and watercolor tattoos. I put so much love and care as well as effort in every single tattoo I make, starting with custom design to the finished tattoo. I guarantee high quality artwork, safety and satisfaction. Take a look at a gallery of my tattoo art as well as my artwork, feel free to send me any questions regarding your new tattoo.

Welcome to my world of tattoo art!
Tattoo shop Bangkok, Thailand,
Blef Tattoo Sebastian Maciejewski